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My name is Lea Diaz. I have been happily married for 22 years, have raised 4 children and have 3 grandchildren. My first exposure to Infant Aquatics was with my granddaughter who started when she was just 6 months old. Seeing how well all of my grandkids progressed has been amazing. Until then, I did not know that infants could learn self-rescue.

This program is near and dear to my heart and has sparked a passion for Infant Aquatics. I have a close friend who lost a young family member to drowning. Witnessing the damage it caused their whole family, was extremely painful, especially knowing it could have been prevented with a short swim course.

Knowing how to swim and being water safe are not always the same thing. This method teaches the child to swim for fun, float for safety and how to decide when each skill is appropriate.

I have spent over 200 hours of intensive hands on training with Judy and Kyla Heumann as well as academic study of; child development, behavioral psychology, physiology, anatomy and water safety. I would be honored to have the opportunity to teach your child these lifesaving skills.

Oklahoma Survival Swim

Serving Edmond, Guthrie and NW Oklahoma City
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