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Londy, our founder and visionary, began her journey as a passionate educator who dared to dream beyond the classroom. Armed with her academic excellence as a two-time UNLV graduate, she embarked on an extraordinary path.

In 2019, amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, Londy embarked on what initially seemed like a modest aspiration. With four years of prior experience as a swim instructor at various facilities, her vision was straightforward - to be an individual travel swim instructor for a summer income supplement. Little did she know that this seemingly simple vision would turn into a life-altering adventure, birthing what we now know as a thriving mobile swim school. Today, with over seven years of experience, Londy continues to make waves in the world of swimming education.

In 2023, we welcomed new instructors who shared the vision of nurturing lifelong relationships with families and teaching children the art of being swim safe!

Now, in 2024, we embark on a new chapter as Swimming with Ms. Londy becomes "Mrs. Londy's Swim Academy + Infant Aquatics." We're thrilled to become the first swim school in Las Vegas offering both infant survival lessons and traditional swim lessons. Infant Survival Lessons was a service that Londy hesitated to offer due to the challenge of finding a program that aligned with her school's mission and values. That was until she met Judy, the founder and owner of Infant Aquatics, a pivotal figure in our journey!

Londy has undergone over 100 hrs of in water training with Judy Heumann, studied and completed academic work in areas of child development, behavioral psychology, anatomy and physiology, and water safety. She truly feels this was a missing piece in her teaching toolbox and is so eager to add another certification to her name while sharing her passion for swim safety with even more families. Survival swim is crucial to your child’s life and we’re ready to save lives and prevent drownings.

Mrs Londy’s Swim Academy and Infant Aquatics

Las Vegas, Nevada
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