About Margie

My name is Margie Herman. I grew up on beautiful Amelia Island in Florida, where I spent the majority of my time at the beach and in the pool. I am married and I am the mother of one son who has blessed me with a Granddaughter. They live at the coast so she is surrounded by water. I had the privilege of equipping her with survival skills at 6 months old and now at 3 years old she "Lives to swim". My Husband and I reside in Valdosta Georgia where we have owned and operated Tiny Bubbles for 6 years. I am a Certified Aquatic Survival Instructor; I currently hold certifications with Infant Aquatics, American Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid for the Professional Rescuer, NFPA, the NRAI and National Swim School Association.

At Tiny Bubbles our programs are designed to teach recreational swimming as well as survival skills, we present a progressive program that will take your child from a Beginner to Swim Team. All of our programs are designed with your child's learning ability in mind.

Infants and Toddlers in our program learn to swim face down in the water, rotate over onto their backs to rest and breathe, then roll back over to a facedown position and continue this sequence until the goal is reached weather it's the side of the pool or the steps. These skills are practiced over and over so that they become automatic. This skill could save your Childs life - Thousands of lives across the United States have already been saved.

Tiny Bubbles has a variety of programs to choose from, which include, stroke development for older children 4 to 6 years and our parent and child classes are a great way for a parent to learn how to work with their child in the water. I encourage you to come by our facility and meet our warm and caring staff. You are also encouraged to talk to other parents who may be pool side about our program then feel free to stay and watch how our lessons are taught, we are sure that we are the ones that can make the difference. When it comes to your child's safety accept NOTHING LESS than the BEST program available. At Tiny Bubbles like no other swim program in this area offers year round swimming which is a great way to keep your child's swimming skills fresh which is extremely important to your child's progression in the water, all of our lessons are taught indoors in a safe , heated environment. Together we can give your child the ability to gain independence and confidence which is vital when it comes to the water.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have, because your child deserves all the protection you can give them. I would love to help you, give your child a gift that will last a LIFETIME!

Ms Margie

About Us:

Tiny Bubbles Swim School was Born in 2004, bringing the Infant Aquatics program to the Valdosta, Georgia community teaching out of a backyard swimming pool. Just within a two year period the number of students enrolled at Tiny Bubbles had increased dramatically and the demand grew beyond the capacity of a backyard swimming pool, purely by word of mouth. At this point, Tiny Bubbles was no longer an infant in Swimming Lessons and in 2004 we built our own facility, custom designed pool, indoors and heated. We can now offer Year Round Lessons.

Our Mission:

To be the best provider of swimming services and provide the best possible experience to our students through high quality, compassionate swimming instruction by caring, patient, well-trained instructors. Through positive reinforcement and detailed practice of technique, we build our student's mental and physical fitness.

We strive to accomplish this by:

  • Providing a fun and exciting learning environment
  • Maintaining a child centered staff and facility
  • Helping children remain safe
  • Loving and encouraging each child's innate worth
  • Expecting the best and encouraging each child to fulfill their potential

Our Staff:

We are a diverse group of individuals that all have two things in common... We Love Children, and we don't mind getting wet!! More importantly, we are all here to serve you and teach your child how to swim.