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Hi, my name is Mariajosè Artavia, I specialize in teaching children the Infant Aquatic Survival techniques. My goal is to provide families in Costa Rica access to results-oriented swimming instruction; I am proud to offer a swim program that not only teaches your child to swim and survive in the water with results in weeks not years, but empowers your child with the self-confidence needed to enjoy the water for a lifetime. Living in Costa Rica we can't escape the fact that water is all around us, especially in pools and in the sea.

When my son Diego (18 months) was born in December of 2012, like most parents, child safety became top priority. When Diego turned 9-months old, my husband and I started looking for the best swimming lessons we could find for him. We found out that there is nothing in Costa Rica for survival swimming lessons. That's when we came across Infant Aquatics. Diego has been schooled in the Infant Aquatic Survival techniques from the age of 13 months. We are also waiting for our second son: Fernando, who will be born in late August. Swimming has always been part of my life, as I have been a swimmer since I was a child, including being part of the Costa Rican national team and participating in swimming events during elementary and high school.

It was quite an exciting challenge to go on a 6-weeks training in Longmont, Colorado. The training program was excellent! Judy Heumann, with her 40 years plus of experience and being the founder of Infant Aquatics, was my training instructor. She taught me everything that I needed to know to be a successful swim instructor. After spending 100 plus hours in the water and teaching nearly 30 children every day I finished the training feeling (tired) but confident and excited to bring this amazing resource back to Costa Rica. I enjoyed working with all these children, along with getting in touch with the feeling that parents experience throughout the program.

I look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to share this amazing empowering gift with you and your family. Honored to be a certified instructor and part of the Infant Aquatics team!

Mariajosè Artavia is a Costa Rican native and grew up mainly in the Santa Ana area. She is a nutritionist from the UCR and worked in medical investigation for 6 years. She is certified in child and infant CPR and First Aid.

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