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Hello my name is Mariana Oreamuno, I specialize in teaching children the Infant Aquatic Survival techniques. My first experience with the Swim-Float-Swim technique was with my cousin Mariajosè at WAWA. She was trained by Judy in 2014.

When my son Luciano was 3 months old we looked for different academies we could take him to. At this time my cousin had not yet opened a pool, so we tried different places; however none could satisfy what we were looking for nor did we see good results with older kids. A year later Mariajosè finally opened Wawa, and we immediately enrolled Luciano. I couldn't believe he was swimming in just his first week. It impressed me every time I saw him!! Since Luciano was the 2nd child to receive this course, I was watching up close how Wawa was evolving and making a name for itself. Mariajosè was getting busier and busier and thanks to this, I came to train with Judy.

I've lived the results of this course with my own son as well as with all the children I taught during my training in Colorado. It was exciting to witness day after day their progress and evolution. I am thrilled to be a part of these kids' lives! It's amazing how this course gives them so much confidence and the tools they need in order to stay safe in the water. Their feeling of achievement is priceless and this is the kind of feeling I would love to convey to every child and parent.

I am so happy to be part of the Infant Aquatics family and forever thankful to Judy for everything she's taught me. She has given me the confidence to go back to Costa Rica and put into practice everything I've learned.

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