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My name is Mel Nelson and I am from Busselton, Western Australia, I have a wonderful husband Dave and three beautiful children Riley (2008) Cooper (2009) & Jordan (2014).

I have been teaching traditional swimming lessons for 10 years and love it; however, I felt that the one 30 minute lesson per week was not progressive enough and was certainly not giving parents the peace of mind when it comes to water safety and survival skills. I wanted to teach these aspects in a much more results orientated programme, “Weeks not Years”. I researched what else was out there, and thankfully found Judy and the Infant Aquatics International instructor certification at Swim Float Swim, in Longmont Colorado.

The 6 week training accreditation has certainly exceeded my expectations. The programme is based on the child’s developmental stage and offers a safe, nurturing, progressive environment where the child develops skills that will save their life. I am very amazed at what a child can achieve and retain in a ten minute lesson.

Living on the coast in Western Australia, I see all too many times children in dangerous situations involving water. I own a swim school located at 3A Trumper Drive, in the light Industrial Area (LIA), Busselton WA 6280. I will be teaching infant survival skills programme, Stroke programmes where levels are aligned with Royal Life Endorsed Swim Schools WA, Access and Inclusion and Adult lessons.

I absolutely love working with children, am extremely passionate about teaching, and believe every child should have access to this life saving skill

Mel Nelson is an Austswim Assessor & Instructor

Pool Location

3A Trumper Drive
Light Industrial Area
Busselton WA 6280

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Mel Nelson is an Austswim Assessor & Instructor

  • Infant Aquatics
  • Water Safety & Awareness
  • CPR & Senior First Aid
  • Emergency Rescue accredited
  • Aquatic Fitness Class Instructor