About Nikole

My Children did the swim Safe program many years ago when we were first introduced to Infant Aquatics®.

I was blown away by the outcome. In just 6 weeks, my children evolved from being totally reliant on flotation devices to being skilled in the water: they were self-sufficient enough to rescue themselves, even if they accidentally fell into the pool fully clothed.

After personally witnessing these amazing results, I wanted to share this comfort with others to ensure that no family had to needlessly suffer the pain and heart-ache associated with water accidents. My career in training infants and toddlers lifesaving water skills began in June of 2017 when I traveled to the US to complete the 6 week intensive Infant Aquatics certification course in Colorado.

I realized that this was my calling as I absolutely love teaching my little babies and toddlers. It still blows my mind every single day at how rapidly these little ones learn, absorb and understand these crucial life preserving skills. I love how this job constantly provides new challenges as every child is unique and adapts differently, which requires us to adapt our methods to their needs. I love watching their little personalities and characters come to the fore as they grow in confidence and turn their initial trepidation into outright love for the water - thanks to the skills they are taught.

This program truly changes lives. If you are concerned about your child’s water safety, please contact me and let’s take action. I look forward to giving your child the gift of water safety and helping them develop their love of water to the fullest capacity.

Nikki Swim Survival Instructor

Johannesburg, South Africa
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