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Hello! My name is Brandie Russell and I am the owner of Ready, Set, Float! I am happily married to my best friend Jared. We have four amazing kids; twin girls, Jaciee and Jaliee, our son Tyson and our youngest daughter Tynlie. My husband and I met at a local racetrack where we both raced. Our weekends, March-November are spent at race tracks around Oklahoma and Kansas where Jared still competes. Our kids and I are his biggest fans and love to watch him race!

I have always loved to swim and be in the water. Growing up, if I wasn't home; I was either at a friend's house swimming, at a local public pool, a water park, or at the lake with family. I never had a fear of water, as I was taught how to swim at a young age. Because of my love of swimming, I didn't want to grow up to be a doctor or a teacher like most little kids, I wanted to be a life guard!

My life changed on July 13, 2016, when 3 year old Tyson was found face down in a swimming pool by his 12 year old sisters. Please watch his story and see how this tragedy/miracle led me to discover a new purpose in life.

I am determined and dedicated to join parents of Northeast Oklahoma in protecting their children from an unnecessary tragedy. I spent over 150 hours in-water training and learning the physiology, psychology, and development of a child between the ages of 6 months to six years as they apply to swimming and water survival. The training and expertise I received from Judy and her staff have prepared me to teach children valuable life long skills in the water.

I never would have thought that my childhood dream job would become a reality! Although I am not a life guard at a public pool, I am privileged to do something so much greater... teaching infants and kids how to save themselves in case of a water accident.

I believe that Tyson was saved for a reason, and that reason was to bring drowning awareness and Infant Aquatics to Oklahoma. It is my personal mission to do whatever is necessary to ensure that not one more child drowns. If I can teach just one child how to save themselves in water, it will be worth it! I look forward to teaching your child to safely enjoy being in and around water. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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