About Regina

After my son had an incident in a 1 foot deep kiddie pool, with me being by his side, then three months later, same kid, got in a 5 foot deep pool by himself in just a second when me and my husband thought he was being watched by each other. I became more aware of safety issues in any water environment, and start looking for the best method to provide me tranquility while my kids are in the water, I found infantaquatics.com, and work on my certification, to help moms like me that believe in the importance to provide the kids with a skill that will last LIFETIME

You're looking for swimming lessons for your kids? AQUA LUV specializes in teaching kids to Swim Float Swim, a survival technique that will last forever

Children aged 6 months and up learn to swim and then float to breathe. Older infants and toddlers learn to swim, float to breathe, and then swim again to the side of the pool or steps and safety skills.