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Where does one even begin to put in words such an incredible opportunity and journey!!

I was first introduced to the Infant Aquatic Survival program in July 2015 whilst working with a family that had taken endless swimming lessons, a tired and concerned mom and no real results.

Having worked extremely closely for the past 8 years in the home environment with children of all ages and in many different roles specializing mainly in shaping behavior, I have experienced firsthand the severe anxiety parents have with the subject of water safety. I immediately formed a bond with the Infant Aquatics program and it’s founder, Judy Heumann, as it is exactly what I knew how to do best, which is to help children build a solid foundation to shape themselves to be safe in their surroundings and the best they can be in their life. This program is doing the exact same thing in the water.

I had a drowning experience at the age of 3 and was brought up by a parent who had extreme fear of the water for me, as it was an absolute miracle that I survived. I was extremely excited with the idea that I could actually be a part of an option for parents that would change their lives forever and empower them with skills to potentially save their children's lives.

After months of planning, Judy's daughter, Kyla Heumann, a seasoned instructor herself to both students and instructor apprentices joined us here in South Africa to facilitate training. I am the first Infant Aquatics instructor to be trained in South Africa and my experience was just phenomenal. We began training in South Africa with the aim of reaching out to as many underprivileged children as possible and offer them a chance to learn to swim and survive in an effort to decrease the high number of drownings that happen in the rural townships and villages each year.

Kyla is an unbelievable teacher with such a kind and nurturing approach to the children, having understood that some had never even seen a pool before and were forbidden to be anywhere near water. Whilst training me, we changed these children's lives one at a time, and I could not be more humbled by the opportunity to learn whilst being a part of something so special. Kyla's expertise and knowledge inherited from her mom, combined with her own personal swimming skills shine right through every single lesson; and her passion makes all criticism positive and exciting.

Being able to join the Infant Aquatics association in the USA for workshops and conferences and meet Judy just adds so much more to the path in building myself into a confident teacher and business owner. I look forward to the bright future Judy, and Kyla have opened for me.

I will be forever thankful to Kyla for bringing her life here to South Africa to change mine and look forward to watching the platform of amazing instructors trained by her grow.

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Johannesburg, South Africa
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