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Hello there! I'm Sara Wanasek, a Wisconsin native with a love for travel! Having been a competitive swimmer from kindergarten through college, my life has always revolved around the water, no matter where I am.

Since 2012, I've been lucky enough to teach swimming to individuals of all ages as a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. It was through a parent that I first discovered Infant Survival Swimming, a new-to-me approach that promised to teach children to swim in weeks, not years. This approach of teaching through muscle memory stayed with me, and finally, more than two years later, I was able to begin my Infant Aquatics journey.

I dedicated over 150 hours to hands-on training, observing, and studying various academic areas such as child development, behavioral psychology, physiology, anatomy, and water safety under the guidance of the founder, Judy Huemann to become an Infant Aquatics Instructor. This journey has equipped me to be a safe, confident, and knowledgeable teacher for those in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Chicago. Witnessing how quickly children can grasp these skills and watching their confidence grow with each lesson has been truly remarkable.

It is so rewarding to teach children lifesaving skills that they can continue to develop as they grow and witness the pride parents feel as their child progresses through swim, float, swim.

Little Sea Stars Infant Aquatics

Burlington, Wisconsin
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