About Sarah

My name is Sarah Cogliandro and I teach at Dallas Infant Aquatics. As an infant, I completed survival swim lessons and have been a lifelong swimmer. My mother has been teaching survival swim lessons for 30 years and after having a child in 2014, I decided to train to become an Infant Aquatics instructor. I am Certified in adult, infant, and child CPR.

In 2003 I attended Berklee College of Music and received a Bachelor's degree. After college I started working for Apple as a Mac Genius Administrator for 6 years. When I started my family, I decided that teaching swimming was a great way to work, take care of my family, and provide an important service to the community.

This program is designed to teach children how to swim and float across the pool to reach safety as well as learn to be independent in the water. We tailor each lesson to fit the child's needs in order to reach the goal of swimming and floating to get to safety. We start as young as 6 months up to 6 years old.

Please email me to find out more information about our swim program and how to sign up.

Pool Location

7309 Yamini Dr.
Dallas, TX 75230
(seasonal outdoor pool)

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