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My name is Stacy Gehm, owner of Barefoot Infant Aquatics LLC. I am so excited to teach survival swim to your little ones. I love being in or around water whether it be the pool, lake or trips to the beach. I received a degree in physical education at Azusa Pacific University in California where I also competed as a collegiate athlete in track, cross country and soccer. I worked as camp counselor for 8 years at Camp Thurman and a youth group intern for 2 years. I was on the youth swim team, lifeguarded and taught swim lessons at Fort Worth Boys and Girls Club.

My two daughters both learned to swim and float before the age of 2 but it wasn’t until I personally took my grandson to his swim lessons that I truly understood the difference between “survival swim” lessons and traditional “swim” lessons. I witnessed my 13-month-old grandson self-rescue himself at his fifth week fully-clothed-checkout-swim. I watched him roll over onto his back to find his breath/air and I knew I had to know more about the Infant Aquatics program. I was inspired that I can make a difference and help prevent childhood drowning.

I am a certified Infant Aquatics Specialist and infant-child CPR certified. I have completed over 100 hours of intense hands on in water INFANT AQUATICS® training and academic study in the areas of child development, behavioral psychology, anatomy and physiology and water safety. This experience allows me to determine the most effective way to teach and personalize a program specifically for your child. The program is based on the “Swim•Float•Swim” sequence which teaches your child to be self-reliant in and around any aquatic setting.

My goal is your child’s safety and survival in and around water. The survival skills your child learns will instill confidence in navigating the water and allow them to have fun.

This program is worth the investment! Watching your child know how to roll over onto their back to find their breath is the best feeling! It works for every child! You will see results in weeks… NOT YEARS!

I can’t wait to see your child checkout fully clothed with Infant Aquatics® survival swim skills.

For information, please contact me anytime. I will reply as soon as I am out of the pool. 😊

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Haslet, Texas
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