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My name is, Summer Harrison. My husband and I live in Northwest MS in DeSoto County with our two daughters.

I am a licensed dental hygienist, and although I absolutely love practicing dental hygiene and providing oral healthcare. God set the path for me to be active in our home with our girls.

My dental professional career consisted of working in a couple of specialty offices. One of those offices is a wonderful pediatric dental office serving the greater Memphis area. While in hygiene school, I’ll be honest, the thought of working with children and giving them local anesthetics frightened me! When I graduated I had no intention of taking a career path in pediatrics. However, by God’s grace, I landed in an office serving precious children. It was by far the biggest milestone, and asset to my career as a dental professional; and a wonderful personal experience! I learned so much about myself, and how much I love working with children.

Through signing our youngest child up for survival swim lessons. I was introduced to a new career path I didn’t even know I’d be interested in taking, Infant Aquatics! Jessica Brown, with Faith and Fins Infant Aquatics, is a huge part of my decision! She provided lessons for our youngest daughter. Her passion, and love for Infant Aquatics shined so bright it intrigued me! Her patience, warm spirit, and knowledge led me to look into it. An opportunity I might have missed if I were not blessed with the time to be home with my family for awhile. I did my research, and was all in!

Utilizing the same drive I have for serving in oral healthcare, and have truly missed, I am now able to offer survival lessons in our community, where it is much needed. I had no idea how many children lose their lives to water until starting Infant Aquatics swim lessons with my daughter. Upon finding out my heart shattered! I know that one of my purposes is to help set a foundation for our girls in our home, but I also found a way to serve in another area which is something I miss working outside the home.

Throughout the course of my training I learned so much about child psychology, behavior, and child development, and how much of an art teaching a specialty like infant aquatics is. It’s intriguing to be able to take the skills taught to me and be able to apply it to many personalities and ages of children at different stages of development. It is also very rewarding and inexplicably exciting when you see a child float for the first time, or gain the skills necessary for survival, God forbid a water accident should occur. Through Infant Aquatics, I can serve in an area that is desperately needed— helping provide children with water safety techniques, have a healthy respect for water, and be able to continue their purpose.

Little Minnows Infant Aquatics

DeSoto County, Mississippi
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