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My name is Taylor Harmon owner of Tiny Tot Infant Aquatics, LLC, and I live in Olive Branch, Mississippi with my husband and three kids along with our zoo of animals. My two youngest children have completed the Infant Aquatics Swim Float Swim 6 week course. The peace of mind this training gave me as a parent and the confidence it gave my children as swimmers was priceless. Water can be a source of joy for our little ones, but as parents, it's our duty to ensure it's also a safe environment. I would like to take a moment and talk about patience in the journey of learning to swim. Every child has a unique pace, and through Infant Aquatics, we honor that. It's not just about swimming; it's about building confidence step by step and watching with pride as our kids transform into confident, capable swimmers.

Tiny Tot Infant Aquatics

North Mississippi and Southern Tennessee to include Desoto, Marshall, Shelby, Fayette and surrounding counties.
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