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Hello! My name is Taylor Pohanka. I'm very excited to finally bring survival swim lessons to the Fredericksburg area. I was born and raised in Fredericksburg and it’s where I still currently live with my husband, daughter, and our two crazy labs. I have a background in pediatric occupational therapy and home health occupational therapy.

My husband and I often spend our summers enjoying lakes, pools, and the ocean. When our daughter was born we wanted to ensure that she was safe around any large body of water so I started researching infant survival swim lessons. I discovered that the closest instructors were all an hour away from our home. We decided this was something that our one year old daughter absolutely needed before we felt comfortable taking her around water. We signed up for the Swim-Float-Swim course with Erin at Starfish Infant Aquatics and we were very impressed with the program. After week one, I decided I wanted to bring the program to my hometown so that other families in my community could benefit.

The Fredericksburg area has access to many rivers, lakes, and pools which makes bringing this program to our area even more important. As a mother, I understand the importance of providing children the safety skills and the confidence in the water. A key difference between the Swim-Float-Swim program and other infant survival swim lessons is that we provide both the skills needed to survive in case of a water accident as well as teaching your child to become a strong swimmer. I look forward to being able to provide the Fredericksburg area a new and successful swim program.

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Fredericksburg, Virginia
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