About Terry

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California near the ocean and a wonderful neighbor who invited me into her pool at age 1. She taught me to swim and over the next 9 years I helped her with other "water babies". That experience influenced the rest of my life as I have enjoyed competitive swimming, surfing, sailing, kite surfing, National and Master’s water polo, coaching High School Swimming and Water Polo and becoming a Physical Therapist and activist for public swimming facilities.

Originally my goal in Physical Therapy was to specialize in Pediatrics. During an internship I was heartbroken to witness the aftermath of four near drownings. It was such a sad experience that I chose to pursue a career in adult orthopedics. After 10 years of traditional Physical Therapy I owned a fitness center for 25 years emphasizing therapeutic exercise and preventative medicine.

Now it's time for me to come full circle, teaching children to be safe and confident in the water as early as possible and preventing tragedy. With both my 2 children and grandchild I wanted to teach them at 6 months, but I didn’t know how! I did my research and am so happy I found Judy Heumann’s Infant Aquatics.

I became an Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist with Judy learning the Swim Float Swim method and more. I taught my assigned infants and toddlers through their entire 4 and 6 week sessions with Judy’s guidance and observed other Swim Float Swim sessions, private and group lessons.

Available to teach on the Central Coast of California.

Terry Brown Infant Aquatics

Los Osos, CA
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