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Hi! My name is Wendy Harris. Originally from northeast Ohio, I now proudly call Arkansas home. I reside in Rogers Arkansas with my husband Wes and our three beautiful children Logan, Mackenzie & Ellie. I enjoy traveling, I'm a hopeless Cleveland sports fanatic, and love spending time with my family.

Growing up, my 12 years as a competitive swimmer, and work experience as a lifeguard and head swim coach instilled in me a love for the water and a passion for water safety. After experiencing a non-fatal drowning incident with my son during a traditional group swim lesson in 2019, I was on a mission to find something better. Once I learned about survival swim lessons, I discovered the Infant Aquatics affiliate in my community. All three of my children have completed the survival swim program under the wonderful care and instruction of Libby McFarland and Candace Siebenmorgen of Little Squirts Aquatics. After witnessing first-hand the skills and confidence all three of my children achieved I was inspired by the realization I too could make a difference in the prevention of childhood drowning.

I attended an intensive and totally hands on 6 week training in Longmont, CO with the founder of Infant Aquatics, Judy Heumann. There I learned how to teach infants to float and older children the SWIM-Float-SWIM sequence. What makes this program exemplary is its integration of child development, child behavior, anatomy & physiology, and sensory learning to ensure safe and effective lessons for all children.

I could not be more excited to be a part of the Infant Aquatics network and contribute to their mission. The SWIM-Float-SWIM method not only provides children with the gift of survival but also sets a wonderful foundation for a lifelong love for swimming.

Pool Location

Walton Life Fitness Center
Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club

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